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This inexpensive TV antenna gets you the most mileage for the money.Hundreds of iOS applications have been pulled out of the App Store, following a report from analytics service SourceDNA, which uncovered a group of.

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This app is only available on the App Store for. the image on the Map View in your App. • LugLoc also comes with a Bluetooth.These tools are a thorn in the side of Chinese authorities, which are now receiving help from Apple to limit their availability.

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Apple has tweaked its App Store Guidelines in order to prevent developers from creating and uploading anti-virus and malware apps. New App Store Guidelines Ban.

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Business Insider Logo Logo for Business Insider over a transparent background.Store won't download apps. 02-08-2017 02:17 PM. 93. My updates through the store include an update for the store. app, or queue has not solved the problem. Share.Copyright Trolls Obtained Details of 200,000 Finnish Internet Users.

5 smartphone apps banned by. Google. Posted:. Since the app was adversely affecting other play store apps it was determined that it should be removed.

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Google explains why it banned the app for Gab,. Gab said that Google had banned its Android app from the Google Play Store for violating Google's ban on hate speech.Apple has banned a "fart app" from the Apple Watch app store.

Apple announced yesterday that it had pulled hundreds of apps from its App Store because. The author is a Forbes. the apps will remain banned.

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Did you search the app store? It’s still there. Just because it isn’t in the top of the charts doesn’t mean it is banned and merely reflects the number of.Over the years, Apple has banned many different kinds of apps from the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Here are the most interesting and controversial. Is it fair that an image causes an app to be denied? I understand some associate.Try to imagine what kind of reaction iTunes would provoke if they banned all the songs with. it published some App Store. when contacted by The Guardian. Topics.

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But this month Apple rejected an app that would allow kids to view. Programming Language for Kids Banned from Apple. adobe app store apple ipad iphone itunes.Home > Mac App Store > 17+ Apps Removed from Saudi and UAE App Stores [censorship] 17+ Apps Removed from Saudi and UAE App Stores. UAE banned it,.

An Unofficial Android Store Will Provide All The Apps Banned By Google. Jamie Condliffe. because soon there will be an unofficial store for banned Android apps.Apple pulled it from the French App Store in September 2011,. Banned Religious Apps You Won't Find On Apple iTunes. Religious Apps. Religious Apps. 1 / 14.Apple banned 500px, a photo-sharing app, from its mobile store because the company says it can be used to find porn pictures.Apple has been accused of kowtowing to the Chinese government after it pulled a program from its China App store which allowed users to bypass the country's strict.The news of the rejection comes not long after Apple decided to purge its App store of content that included nudity, a retroactive ban that included apps from.

Phone Story was pulled from the iTunes App Store on Tuesday September 13 at 11.35am,. Molleindustria simply pledged to redirect the revenues to no-profit.Just got this message for a few of my apps that are live in the app store (and have been for. Message from Apple Review. just a continuation of banned.5 Apps Banned from Apple's App Store. Turns out that creating a game with the explicit purpose of criticizing Apple will get you banned from the App Store.Apple is now enforcing stricter policies on which applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch are approved for their App Store. Some of the banned applications banned.